Saturday, September 21, 2013

Stocking the Deep Freeze - 30 meals, plus extras

Yesterday I sent the kids off to preschool/parents day out, ran to the grocery store for a few last minute items, and got to work. The day before I made a major $480 trip to Costco and my normal grocery store, scrubbed the kitchen, found my recipes, labeled ziptop bags, and popped a Whole Chicken in the slow cooker to roast overnight.

It was a major cooking extravaganza. Well not so much cooking but chopping - lots of chopping.
CHOPPING!  Chicken from Crock Pot roast, 6 Bell Peppers, 5lbs of Carrots, Celery, 6 Onions
At the end of the day I had the following stashed on my freezer:
Chicken for Slow Cooker:
   Applesauce Barbeque
   Cranberry Barbeque
   Chicken Fajitas
   Honey Rosemary
   Coconut Curry
   Lime Salsa

Chicken for the Grill
   Orange Soy
   Cumin Lime

Ground Turkey for Slow Cooker
   Meat Sauce
   Sloppy Joes

Beef Stew Meat for Slow Cooker
   Chunky Chili with Veggies
   Mongolian Beef
   Chunky Beef Stew

Ready For The Oven
   Sausage & Peppers
   Chicken Enchiladas

Misc Other
   2 packs of Bratwurst 
   4 packs Cheese & Spinach Ravioli
   6 Frozen Pizzas
   2 Whole Chickens
   1 Salmon
   2 Chicken Breasts
   2 packs of Bacon
   1 pack of Ground Beef
   1 Huge Pork Roast that I forgot to cut up before freezing and now I'm not sure what to do with. 
   1 Chocolate Cake (I made two for The Husband's birthday last week and stashed one for later)
   1 Egg and Hashbrown Casserole
   1 Bag of Sheedded Chicken for Quesidillas or Chicken Salad
   LOTS of individual packets of guacamole.
Still to Make
   Teriyaki Meatballs
   Potato Soup
   Chicken Basil Twice Baked Potatoes
   Cheesy Turkey Meatloaf
   Pumpkin French Toast Bake
   Chicken Broth (currently in the Crock Pot)

That's about 30 dinners that are ready to go. On each bag I've written how to prepare it and what to serve it with. I've also made sure I have all the required side dishes in the house. This includes Jiffy Cornbread mix, jarred Mandarin Oranges, Rice, etc.  So on any given night I can make anything in the freezer. 

I'll post the recipes AFTER I've cooked the meal. 95% of the recipes were new to me and I don't want to post them and then have them turn out badly. 

If this works it will really save me time during the day and it should cut the budget too. That being said this is still about $500 worth of food. I buy quality meat and veggies (organic, free range, grass fed, etc.) whenever possible and that is more expensive, but for now it is worth the price.

Now for a little FREEZER TOUR!
Croissants, tortillas and cake, plus 6 crock pot meals.
8 crock pot meals, 2 huge bags of frozen veggies (to be sides)
2 whole chickens, french fries, enchiladas in the dish ready to bake, salmon, pork roast
2 packs of bacon, pepper and Sausage, my chocolate stash, butter, brats
Individual packs of guacamole, extra pack of ground beef, ravioli, breakfast bake, chicken for the grill, extra chicken

   That's it.  A month of meals already to go.  Now just pray the power doesn't go out!

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