Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Freeze Ahead Recipe: Salsa & Lime Chicken

So the first meal out of the freezer was a success.  What was a failure was my remembering to take photos.  But really none of the freezer bags look terribly appetizing, and once food hits the plate my family is eating it.  Don't expect too many food photos, and REALLY don't expect any that look good; there are no garnishes at Chateau Our House.

Anyway, I pulled the bag out the the freezer yesterday morning, left it to thaw in the fridge for about 24 hours.  Then this morning I dumped it all in the slow cooker on low, set it for 6.5 hours, and left the house for a busy day (Noodle was getting vaccinated today and didn't like it...but does anyone?).

When I returned home the house smelled deliciously sweet and spicy.  Our slow cooker has a timer and then moves from low (or high) to warm. I worry that without that feature in the 10 hours from the time we left the house to dinner, it would have gotten a bit dry.  So if you have an old school slow cooker (and I did until last year), consider yourself warned.

Recipe time!

Salsa & Lime Chicken 

3 chicken breast  (Considering the gigantic size of chicken breasts these days 3 is all I ever cook and it feed the 4 of us plus leftovers almost every time)
1 jar of mango salsa
1 Tbs of lime juice (feel free to add more or juice a real lime if you are so inclined...I was lazy and used the little lime shaped squeeze bottle I keep in the fridge)
1 package chicken taco seasoning (You could also make some from scratch.  I keep meaning to do that, but haven't gotten around to it yet.  I have bought the jars to keep it in so that is a step in the right direction, right?!)
1 handful of diced red pepper (Yup, handful.  I chopped up 6 pepper, put them all on a plate and just grabbed a handful for this, and several other, recipes.  If you want specifics I'm not the girl for you.  FYI - this is why I'm a terrible baker.)
1 handful of diced onion

The recipe I loosely went off of (found here) called for cilantro and jalapenos.  I don't like jalapenos and The Husband doesn't like cilantro (I know! Crazy!) so I left them both out.

Anyway, just mix the salsa and taco seasoning together in the bag so you don't get clumps of seasoning, then toss in everything else.  Lay it flat and freeze.  Then thaw, cook, and serve with rice, lettuce, chips and guacamole.

Easy.  Yummy.  And both Noodle and Huck ate it without complaint.

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