Saturday, July 27, 2013

Feels like heaven.

I'm sitting outside in jeans and a long sleeve shirt in July watching my kids ride trikes, fly a kite and just enjoy being kids. Feels like heaven.

My main away from home job will officially be over one month from today. I'm getting more and more excited about being able to dedicate my attention more fully to them soon. 

The Boy will have preschool 3 days a week and The Girl will be going to PDO at least one day a week while I work at my little job. But no more feeling like I'm always on the job. 

This summer they have grown up so much it almost hurts. The Girl is now 100% potty trained and although she is only 26 months old she has gotten into the habit of telling people she is 3!  They believe her too because she acts so old. I'd be sadder if she wasn't so much fun to be around.  Really she is a dream. 

The Boy keeps us on our toes. He's so smart and if we don't channel his energy things can meltdown quickly. Today the kite was the winner. 

I love them and am so thankful for today.
Huck using his "lookers" and Noodle on a mission!