One day I looked around and my kids were just that - KIDS!  At 4 and not quite 2 years old I stopped and realized they were growing up WAY TOO FAST and I was missing it!  My babies were already gone and I didn't want to miss another moment.

Luckily I lost my job.

Well, it's not quite that simple.  My place of employment closed in August 2013 and after much discussion and thought - not to mention many, many lists made - we decided that I would not look for another job.  Instead I would take the year off and stay home with the children.  A year with them - full time.

The fates laughed at our plans (as they do) and now I have a very part-time job that is just enough to help relax us all.  So I guess the fates may have laughed at my plan, but it turned out for the best.

I'm trying to enjoy my year with them.

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  1. I'm so excited for you, Miss Morgan!!!
    I predict you will have the very best year of your life.

    Oh, to watch 'the girl' grow into a 3 year old! Three year olds are my favorite!!! I used to say I wanted to raise a whole line of three year olds. They are SO interesting, fascinating actually.

    The boy, changing and maturing, no longer your little boy. This is the year he prepares to become a scholar. Prepares to begin finding his place in the world.

    It just might be the best year in the life of the boy and the girl.

    Very Best Wishes.

    Isn't that your Dad's birthday???